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GreenLine Africa is a sustainable solutions provider, with a focus on enabling the uptake of Renewable Energy. Our approach is simple and to the point, with high financial returns and big environmental savings. In short we do good, while saving you money.

A newly formed company, GreenLine Africa has a collective experience of 20 years in sustainability,  specializing in matching the most innovative technologies to the most pressing energy needs in society.

With our network of technology partners, we will assess your situation, recommend the most suitable technology, source and implement it for you. Our EPC partners will install, monitor and maintain it for you.

We strive to implement the most advanced sustainable solutions, with the highest return on investment and the longest economic lifetime.


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We at Green Line Africa know that finding the right technology to service your needs is a choice not to be taken lightly. That’s why we offer free consultations to walk you through your needs, the scope of your goals, and your budget.

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Henning Brand

Henning has an eye for finding solutions. With10 years experience in the sustainability sector, he has gained expert level experience and a very broad knowledge base. For the past four years Henning has worked in the large-scale solar thermal industry and provided clients with solutions that turned out to be the biggest solar thermal installations in Cape Town. He is also part of the Blue Economy Network, for which he has done work in the past. He also has several years experience from the Green NGO sector.

Henning is trained as an Eco and Social Entrepreneur and has also done the Blue Economy Expert Training.

Now he is taking all this knowledge that he has gained, to provide value for people via GreenLine Africa.

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David Volkwyn

With an extensive sales and marketing background in fields ranging from property investment , commercial and residential sales, financial investments, the stainless steel ISO Container industry and cloud-hosted telecoms space, David has gathered a wealth of insight into what makes an attractive investment to the maximize the value proposition for our customers.

His experience in marketing, finance, contract negotiation, property investment and development, construction and transportation, gives him credibility as he tackles challenges with a holistic approach. David entered the growing renewable energy industry after 20 years as a Director of International Tank Containers (Pty) Ltd. In 2017 he joined the Hybrid Solar Thermal company Solarus and since then an opportunity arose to start an outstanding energy company that offers a broad spectrum of thermal energy solutions and other unique renewable products. 

In conjunction with the renewable energy sector, David is also involved with CommunitiGro123 Initiative in Africa. Communitigro is a model for new sustainable cities across Africa. Working in both these industries provides synergies which benefit each other and therefore we are well placed in the energy sector to provide EPC services and technical advice to these developing cities as they roll out.

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David Fortune

A branded Social Entrepreneur, Ashoka Fellow,, David cut his teeth at Solarus Sunpower, focused on hospitality, and has developed a vision for bringing sustainability to Africa.

Having started the now defunct company, Future Power IPP, more than 10 years ago to develop large scale wind and solar farms, 4 years ago David was introduced to the Solarus PV-T technology. He has since been convinced that solar thermal has the potential to provide a huge portion of the world’s heat needs, bearing in mind that heat makes up more than 50% of the energy demand globally.

David believes that in combination with heat pumps as back-up and with smart monitoring systems, solar thermal can reduce the cost of bulk water heating by up to 50%. Green Line Africa seeks to work for the benefit of people, profit and planet, with a focus on the African continent.

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