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Sustainable Energy Solutions for Africa’s Development


We develop Africa with green technology

Africa holds enormous energy resources, but is starved of electricity. 50% of all food produce in Africa is wasted because of a lack of cold storage capacity. Industries pollute the environment resulting in a changing climate, which puts people in vulnerable situations. Energy costs are sky-high and black-outs are common. These are just a few of the challenges facing the African continent putting its population at risk.

But then there are people like you, who are committed to making an impact with a lasting difference and looking to reduce cost and becoming energy independent. Business, Civil society, Government, Funding Agency and private individuals seeking to build thriving homes, communities and cities.

And then there is us, a company committed to working with you to achieve greatness in sustainability. We listen carefully to what your needs are and provide you to the solution that fits your needs and budget. Key to our successful projects is that we always ensure that there is a financial benefit for you, that the solution is relatively simple to integrate, that the solution is of the highest quality, with a long lifespan and that you achieve carbon reductions with reliable data.

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Areas of Practice


Hot water is a massive consumption in the residential, hospitality and industrial sectors. Our solutions are turnkey and include large hot water storage tanks, heat pumps and solar thermal which will be monitored and maintained.


We offer a centralized bulk hot water plant that is able to supply various end-users through a metered billing system. Our solution takes care of the need to install individual geysers in blocks of flats, by installing a much more efficient plant, that has the potential to earn a passive income for owners and developers.


By using advanced photo-voltaic, thermal and pv-t hybrid solar collectors, the cost of heating can be reduced by up to 50%. We will mix and match these to your energy profile, then provide and implement the solution for you.


Through a simple 3-stage engagement. When we agree on what you need, we scan for opportunities, source them and implement them for you. This includes tariff analysis, which helps determine the most cost effective tariff, based on your particular energy usage profile.


The most important part of running and maintaining an energy efficient building is the collection of monitoring data. With this data it is simple to make improvements and also evaluate the best suited green interventions.


In times of load-shedding we must once again apply our minds and together reduce consumption. One of the most effective ways of doing this is by turning off hot water heaters, geysers and boilers during peak times and produce hot water during off-peak times, with the abundant energy from the sun.


We must all obey the great law of change. It is the most powerful law of nature.
— Edmund Burke


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